Sessions with Janice

You’ll find that sessions differ from one practitioner to the next as each reflects personality and experience.  Janice uses complementary modalities such as essential oils, Karuna Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Akashic Records, crystals and other Assisting Frequencies. All sessions are gentle, loving, and tailored for your unique needs and what is needed for your highest good.  Janice uses a combination that will be perfect for you.

Reconnecting to Joy and Ease*

Receive an Akashic Reading and a unique Energy Healing to release past pain and connect you back to your personal power. This includes an Angelic Reiki Session.

Moving Forward with Love and Grace*

If you feel stuck, utilize the frequencies found in nature to help you move forward. Receive an individualized report to bring in whatever Assisting Frequencies you need to bring you back to wholeness through the steps to restoration: Reflecting, Releasing, Rewiring, Replenishing, Resonating, Rejoicing, and Reuniting.

Heal Your Past, Present, and Future*

Are there things in your past that you wish you could change? Do you want to bring new awareness to something that happened in the past, present or future?  Identify the feelings and needs that weren’t met and bring a new awareness and energy to the situation.

Pendulum Healing*

Based on Robert Detzler’s Soul Response Therapy (SRT), works with all five bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Every clearing integrates into the five bodies. This system goes to the core issue to clear and address the areas affected.

*All services can be provided remotely or in person. All sessions are 60-90 minutes and range between $88-99.

How a treatment is performed:

  1. You come into the healing space.
  2. We talk about what you would like shifted in your life.
  3. We identify the best way to bring the desired outcome.
  4. We’ll use whatever modalities are needed: crystals, codes, Angelic Reiki, pendulum, or Akashic Records.
  5. We have fun!

Contact Janice now for a personalized Healing session.

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