What is an Energy/Reiki Share

An Energy/Reiki circle or Energy/Reiki share is for those interested in energy work, simultaneously practicing Reiki or energy work on a recipient for a set amount of time, usually ten to fifteen minutes. The recipient then exchanges places with a practitioner until all in the group have received their treatment. IMPORTANT:  You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner to participate.

We begin by getting to know each other, have a guided meditation and then take turns giving and receiving Reiki. Sharing Reiki is a way to facilitate the new energy of affluence, joy and ease by channeling the highest vibration of Love and Light.

We all have the gift of working with energy to heal the planet. If you are not already in this field, you will learn and experience your own gifts at the share. Energy healing is ever expanding and evolving with the new energies occurring on the planet due to the Great Awakening that is happening! Anyone and everyone can participate. We look forward to seeing you there!

We will review what Reiki is, what to expect when giving Reiki and what to expect when receiving Reiki. Please take time to take care of yourself.

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