About Janice Dau

We are on this earth to feel joy and happiness. However, there are reasons that we get stuck. In order to move toward happiness, I will create a safe space for you to talk about what is keeping you in lack, pain, and struggle; whether that be in your job, relationships. or finances. I have an extensive tool box and we will get to the root cause. Working with your mind and the special spiritual sauce that is unique to me, you will create a life of balance, ease, and joy.

Having lost my job in 2013 I have had to reinvent myself. As an empty nester, was able to rediscover who I am outside of being a parent and re-establish my relationship with my husband as well as find a way forward with my daughter. My story is one of hope and laughter and I want to show you what is possible. You can have ease, joy, and grace.

What I have found is that self-care is sacred and so important. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will. It is not selfish, it is imperative. Self-care includes happiness practices, calming your mind, forgiveness, creating loving boundaries, and allowing your emotions to flow. I use both science and spirituality (and humor) to nudge you toward the life you desire. Let us enjoy this one precious life to the fullest!

Part of self care is talking to someone and using Subtle Energy Secret Sauce to propel you into the life you want and deserve. I can be your sherpa in that journey.

Most recently, as a Sacred Priestess, I hold sacred space for you and your process. We can create ceremonies for your major and/or minor mile stones in your life.

Please contact me if you would like more information on any of these modalities.

  • Crystal Healing
  • Anahata Codes (Assisting frequencies of Nature for Healing)
  • AngelicKaruna, and Intuitive Reiki
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Angel Oracle and Transformation Oracle Card readings
  • Arcturian and Dragon healing
  • Advanced Pendulum Healing
  • Akashic Record Reading and Healing
  • Bach Flowers
  • Essential Oils
  • Sacred Priestess

How did you find Reiki?

One day when exploring career choices, Courtney DeWinter used an unconventional combination of muscle testing (applied kinesiology) and Reiki. Over time, she determined that my lack of boundaries was draining the life out of me and that I needed immediate resolution if I was going to move forward with my life. After the Reiki meditation and some additional healing, I felt energetic and alive. More importantly, I wanted to share this the awesome healing power with others. I slowly became obsessed with knowing more over the next couple weeks.  Then, as I knew more, I knew I had to get training.

I am blessed to have the knowledge and support of both Courtney and Olivia (see below.) I am grateful every day for their wisdom and willingness to share with me.

What Reiki training have you had?

My Reiki training was non-traditional in style and I’ve been attuned to three levels of Reiki from one Master Teacher and also to another style of Reiki called Karuna Reiki as well as Angelic Reiki. As a life learner, I have not stopped there. Please see the list above for the modalities I use.

My path to Reiki came in 2013 when I found Olivia Lundberg, my Reiki Master Teacher for all three levels. Her attunement is more complicated, but what resonates with me is that she was attuned twice and the second time by Reiki Master Teacher Marnie Vincolisi. Marnie is a non-traditional Reiki teacher in Denver and her lineage goes back to Usui with her Reiki Master Teacher being attuned by Takata’s grandaughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

As my experience had been in business, I became a researcher on Reiki techniques through reading many books and practicing on friends and family. In addition, I started volunteering with Denver Hospice as they have a great need for Reiki practitioners for their clients. This was my path to figuring out what resonated with me from various sources and learning more about my unique abilities.

To gain experience and give back to the community, I volunteer for the Denver Hospice. I look forward to working with these clients as they are in a unique and vulnerable place. Reiki is an important part of their treatment as it can help with pain and ease their passing.

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