The 7 Tools for Restoration

Anahata Codes are a tool to bring balance into your life, strengthen your unique vibration, and allow emotions to flow through you. It seems the trend is to release this and that. I would like to suggest that it is more important to bring restoration, bring you back into alignment to your TRUE self.  When you are feeling lack, pain, struggle and scarcity, that just means that you are out of alignment.

My goal for you is to move toward affluence, ease, and joy by moving toward wholeness. By having a tiered approach to restoration, you can feel all of the aspects that will help you resonate with your true self. Optimizing mind/body communication will facilitate total restoration and increase consciousness evolution. They are

  1. Reflection – consciousness is the catalyst
  2. Release – letting go of malignant energies from the past.
  3. Replenishment – building up your vital energy reservoir once the release has occurred so you have the strength to heal.
  4. Rewiring – forming new loved-based reactions to avoid creating the same reality you just tried to release.
  5. Reuniting – if you can do this step you won’t need any of the others. Reuniting is connecting with the whole and seeing yourself as part of everything. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds so it usually takes other resources to achieve.
  6. Resonating – Elevating your blend of frequencies to love-based ones and surrounding yourself with other high vibrations.
  7. Rejoicing – Without gratitude, you have nothing. It completes the cycle by feeling a genuine sense of gratitude for your wellbeing and restoration.

Why Create A Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.  -Hibiscus Moon

It is not magic! Crystals actually amplify all of our predominant thoughts and feelings; the primary energy that a person is carrying. Crystals have a vibrational resonance with the cells of our bodies.

A crystal grid incorporates the use of crystals and stones with their precise vibratory frequency. Each stone has its own specific energy vibration, which we can use for manifesting our intentions. They amplify our intention and energy, creating a fountain of energy. The great thing about crystal grids is that you can use them to manifest almost any intention.

Working with the mineral kingdom is empowering and exciting journey. Crystals work on a vibrational level, affecting your subtle energy field and aura. They are like little radio stations broadcasting harmony, connection and peace. Each crystal has its own unique vibration and personality, helping in specific ways to bring health, harmony, and high-level guidance to your life.

As the earth’s mentor and guides, all crystals help you to:

  • release old outdated programs and patterns in your life,
  • ground in new frequencies of energy into your body and energy system
  • come to new understanding, and
  • move into more affluence, ease, and joy.

To work with this intelligent energy is a gift. A gift you have and are blessed to use more of at this time to help the earth and yourself in our evolution.

Can Reiki heal this or that?

Cure vs. Heal

Reiki works 100% of the time and brings you whatever you need, but that statement might set up expectations that might not be met.  This is not the entire picture.

In a time when we are limited to the size of our phone screen, the 140 characters of a tweet or the time limitations we have, people aren’t looking for a longer answer. Everybody’s looking for the magic pill…or the magic Reiki! One is looking for a short answer for a specific ailment or concern that may have taken a long time or even a lifetime to manifest to this point. Rarely can healing be boiled down to a simple statement or even cliche.  At an intuitive level one may already have an idea of what needs to happen or have a preconceived notion of what healing will look or feel like. And then be disappointed when things don’t feel the way you expected.

Letting go may be difficult. Letting go can also be releasing our need to control. However, as we know, life and life force cannot be controlled. It is organic and beautiful. While there may be predictions we can make about outcome, how wonderful life is when we are open to serendipity and  whatever presents itself.  Learn the art of surrender and explore your need to control.

Simple as Reiki is, the channeling life force energy for your highest good, it is subtle.  When you have an expectation that this or that will be healed in a certain way, you may be thinking of it only from your conscious perspective or ego. Many times, this or that may be much more layered and nuanced. If you surrender yourself and are open to all possibilities you are in a better position to feel these subtle changes and adjustments.

So, rather than thinking Reiki will cure this or that, may I suggest that Reiki is part of a sound holistic healing program. In other words, rather than curing, Reiki  is healing. And rather than look at only the malady, it looks that the whole person, your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Let us start the journey of healing today.