Can Reiki heal this or that?

Cure vs. Heal

Reiki works 100% of the time and brings you whatever you need, but that statement might set up expectations that might not be met.  This is not the entire picture.

In a time when we are limited to the size of our phone screen, the 140 characters of a tweet or the time limitations we have, people aren’t looking for a longer answer. Everybody’s looking for the magic pill…or the magic Reiki! One is looking for a short answer for a specific ailment or concern that may have taken a long time or even a lifetime to manifest to this point. Rarely can healing be boiled down to a simple statement or even cliche.  At an intuitive level one may already have an idea of what needs to happen or have a preconceived notion of what healing will look or feel like. And then be disappointed when things don’t feel the way you expected.

Letting go may be difficult. Letting go can also be releasing our need to control. However, as we know, life and life force cannot be controlled. It is organic and beautiful. While there may be predictions we can make about outcome, how wonderful life is when we are open to serendipity and  whatever presents itself.  Learn the art of surrender and explore your need to control.

Simple as Reiki is, the channeling life force energy for your highest good, it is subtle.  When you have an expectation that this or that will be healed in a certain way, you may be thinking of it only from your conscious perspective or ego. Many times, this or that may be much more layered and nuanced. If you surrender yourself and are open to all possibilities you are in a better position to feel these subtle changes and adjustments.

So, rather than thinking Reiki will cure this or that, may I suggest that Reiki is part of a sound holistic healing program. In other words, rather than curing, Reiki  is healing. And rather than look at only the malady, it looks that the whole person, your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Let us start the journey of healing today.

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